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Preferences window

Browser for web pages Select the web browser that you would like to preview the web pages created with WebPics. The Firefox, OmniWeb and Safari choices are only available when running Mac OS X.
Launch web pages Turn on to automatically preview a new made web page in the selected browser.
Add home page links Turn this on to add a link to your home page in the gallery pages created by WebPics.

Home page URL
Enter the URL for you home page here. The easiest way to find your home page URL is to use a browser. Navigate to your home page and then copy and paste the URL into this field.

Home page link text
Enter the text you want for the link to your home page.
Add 'updated on' date to pages Turn on to add Updated on text with the date to gallery web pages. This is nice so that viewers of the page know when it was created/updated.
Give WebPics a credit on gallery pages Turn on this checkbox to add "This page was created with WebPics" and a link to the WebPics home page. Thanks for doing this if you can.
HTML file line endings Select the text file line endings that is work best with your web server. If you are unsure, ask the server administrator (operator) for help.
Convert filenames to lower case Turn on to convert all file names (HTML and image files) to lower case characters. This is a good idea for compatibility with some web servers.
Remove spaces from file names Turn on to remove spaces from file names (HTML and image files). This can help with compatibility with some web servers.
Attempt to import Turn on to import any associated caption text with pictures from iPhoto or Photoshop.

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